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A night to remember at the National Diversity Awards

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I was flabbergasted when I learned that I had been shortlisted for the 2019 National Diversity Awards (NDA).

To be one of 124 nominees after a record number of nearly 30,000 people entered, is no small feat.

I had long been campaigning for disability rights after beating the odds to recover from a late diagnosis of HIV back in 2006.  I had been given just two weeks to live; this was a turning point in my life, to say the least.

It spurred me on to set up my own company, Luminate, as a Disability Development Consultant, to raise awareness of HIV and hidden disabilities.

I felt both delighted and humbled to have received a nomination for the Positive Role Model Award for Disability. Read More

Ripples - From The Edge Of Life

Ripples From the Edge of Life

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When I received my life-changing diagnosis some years ago, it did just that – it changed my life. You may never have to deal with a life-changing diagnosis yourself, but if you do, or if someone close to you does, how will you cope?

My new book, which I’m thrilled to say was launched in London on 2 May, is the story of how I have coped. I’m also honoured to be able to include the stories of many other inspiring people, who have been through something similar.

Here are a few tips that will help, if you ever find yourself or a loved one in a similar position. Read More

How Do You Tell People the Difficult Truth?

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For many people, the letters HIV invoke the three big Victorian taboos which linger long after that era has passed – namely sex, homosexuality and death. No matter how ‘HIV friendly’ we’ve all become as a result of efforts by organisations and individuals (rest in peace Princess Diana, you did a lot for us) the subject still isn’t much talked about in ‘nice’ society. Those of us who need to disclose our status still feel a huge amount of stigma when faced with this very real challenge. Read More

Find Your Guiding Light

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What would you do if you were told that you have a life-changing illness like HIV and only two weeks to live? Run around, scream and shout and tell the world that it’s so unfair? Or don sackcloth and ashes and join a silent order, forever in penance for your wickedness? Read More

Shine a Light in the Darkness

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I am writing a book, publication date Spring 2018.

My book is a story of real triumph over adversity, and my hope is that by reading it, you will immediately receive the reassurance you need that you too can find a way through the tough times. I hit rock bottom, and wanted to end it all, but I didn’t. So if you are struggling, let my words be of comfort to you. I got through, and you will too. Read More